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ASLEF members at eight train companies have voted overwhelmingly for strike action in a dispute over pay.

Download the ASLEF press release

Link 1

W. Graham line 12
Y. Age line 26
N. Barras line 6
R. Layton line 25

Link 2

A. MacMillan line 52
M. Kahlon line 14
R. Stevens line 36
T. Willis 50
P. Winch line 19

Link 3

K. Omowaye line 30
I. Syed line 15
J. Agyakwa line 21
J. Guerreiro line 39
T. Boyer line 45

Link 4

S. Henry line 28
N. Gibert line 14
Z. Rahman line 21
L. Holdoway line 27
D. Starkey line 18

Link 5

S. Alix line 6
J.A Bristow line 3 (shadow)

Link 6

M. Colombini line12
D. Rees line 19
M. Geldard line 32

The June 2022 footplate vacancy list (posted on the 1st of June) is now available to

Link moves for week commencing
Sunday 15th May 2022

Due to an error involving driver seniority, the link moves scheduled for the 15.05 have been revised. Moves higlighted as shown here were previously advertised, but will now not take place. :

Link 2

O. Aimienoho vice Vac line 9

Link 3

S Moore vice O. Aimienoho line 19
* K. Omowaye vice O. Aimienoho line 19

Link 4

A. Harrison vice S Moore line 26
* A. Harrison vice K. Omowaye line 20

Link 5

V. Antony vice Vac line 19
G. Gwarada vice Vac line 15 (shadowing)

Apologies due to the two drivers involved.

Concerns have been raised regarding the moving of two signals as part of the Feltham re-signalling project (stage 2). BEF 2227 is to be located at an area of known low adhession at Sunningdale, BEF 2241 to be located on the right hand side at Ascot.

Drivers are encouraged to read Circular No.157/2022 which contains advice regarding these two signals. The circular can be downloaded by clicking here

The March 2022 footplate vacancy list (posted on the 2nd of March) is now available to

Owing to forecasted high winds (Storm Eunice), the following blanket speed restriction will be imposed on the Wessex Route:

A Blanket Speed restriction of 50 (FIFTY) mph will be in place on ALL LINES On the Wessex Route Friday 18th of February 2022 from start of service to 21:00

This notice does not supersede any other lower permissible speed.

Due to a seniority date mistake, the link moves for week commencing Sunday 2nd January 2022 have been amended as follows:

Link 1

J P Bristow vice Vac line 23
T Williams vice G Calvert line 26

Link 2

C Broadbent vice J P Bristow line 51
A Esty vice Vac line 8
A Deering vice T Williams line 34

Link 3

D Gower vice A Esty line 44
J Angol vice C Broadbent line 25
A Sandhu vice P Noonan line 7
A Jackson vice A Deering line 40
J Kamalu vice Vac line 22
S Moore vice Vac line 22

Link 4

Q Luong vice A Sandhu line 17
S Branch vice J Kamalu line 27
S Branch vice S Moore line 6
A Fernandes vice D Gower line 18
B Pagarkar vice J Angol line 24
W Adam vice A Jackson line 2

The December 2021 footplate vacancy list (posted on the 1st of December) is now available to

All links commencing 12.12.2021 are now available to download on the rosters page.

Link 6 has been increased to 28 weeks and freeday pattern has changed. If you are in link 6, you might want to check your diary.

The September 2021 footplate vacancy list (posted on the 1st of September) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 15th of September.
  2. Successful applicants list will be produced on the 6th of October.
  3. Move dates to be confirmed on the successful applicants list.
In line with the 2019-2022 pay award, FPV lists have reduced from six lists a year to four and will be produced on the first Wednesday of December, March June and September. Each list will close two weeks after the official posting date and the successful applicants list will be produced the first Wednesday of the following month. Move dates are no longer set in stone and each successful applicant may receive a different move date. Successful applicants will be given a transfer date of no less than one month following notification and a maximum of three months