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Updated : 07-Jul-2020

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The latest ASLEF guidance document concerning COVID-19 (version 1.4 dated June 2020) is available to download. It provides direction on concerns relating to:-
Click below to download :

The June 2020 footplate vacancy list (posted on the 3rd of June) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 17th of June.
  2. Successful applicants list will be produced on the 1st of July.
  3. Move dates to be confirmed on the successful applicants list.
In line with the 2019-2022 pay award, FPV lists have reduced from six lists a year to four and will be produced on the first Wednesday of December, March June and September. Each list will close two weeks after the official posting date and the successful applicants list will be produced the first Wednesday of the following month. Move dates are no longer set in stone and each successful applicant may receive a different move date. Successful applicants will be given a transfer date of no less than one month following notification and a maximum of three months

A joint letter signed by the General Secretary of ASLEF, RMT and TSSA has been sent to the Prime Minister expressing concerns over plans to increase the levels of service on the rail network.

Read the the letter here.

Link 2
C. Carroll line 42

Link 3
O. Granville line 17
N. Keeley line 16

Link 4
L. Gillman line 2
J. Thorogood line 4
A. Young line 7
J. Wishart line 13

Question: Do you accept the South Western Railway 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 pay offer?

The result of voting was as follows: -

Number of voting papers distributed 1308
Number of voting papers returned 1083
Number found to be spoiled 0
Turnout 82.8%

Total number of valid votes 1083

Number voting YES 964 (89% of valid vote)
Number voting NO 119 (11% of valid vote)

Company Council have stated that duties will continue to booked in line with the Winchester Agreement next week (WC 19/04/2020) and probably for the foreseeable future.

SWR released a traction bulletin (TCB033-2020) on the 8th of April 2020. The bulletin states that each driver should keep their own E.P. / Engine key, and not exchange it with a relieving driver.


SWR and Company Council have posted an anonymous letter regarding annual leave. Amongst other things it states :Read the full letter here

Don't forget that your 2019-20 entitlement must be used by Saturday the 2nd of May.
Use it or lose it!!!

The Waterloo LDC have sent the following notice as a photo. I have OCR'd the photo, but mistakes may have gone unnoticed (as I've gone word blind):

From Monday 30th March until further notice, there are two Important changes to the use of spares and cover turns as below.

This is to ensure a minimal number of drivers are in the mess rooms at any one time, whilst also providing an adequate level of coverage for the DRMs.

• Additional cover turns will appear on the 36-hour sheets labelled "Additional Cover".
  • These will be rostered using the normal booking method if a driver is available
  • If no driver is available then the turn will be deleted and not appear on the 36-hour sheets
  • Free days will not be used by CRO for these additional covers
  • The sign on times may vary from day-to-day if the roster clerk amends them to align with the amended service
• Drivers remaining spare (AO) on the 36-hour sheets will remain at home
  • However if contacted prior to the day by CRO or the DRMs to cover work they should report for that TOD In the normal way
  • They should call the DRMs to sign on at the time of their AO to ensure the DRMs know they are working. The DRM will then let them know if they require them.
  • Drivers should Inform the DRM of their travel to work time when signing on
  • Drivers should also be contactable for the remainder of their shift at home in case they are required
The DRMs have a comprehensive list of contact numbers for drivers, but if you believe that that they do not have your details please call or email them to the DRM ahead of your AO day at home.

Web Comment:
Waterloo currently has a disproportionate share of the work, so this change is unlikely to affect Waterloo much as things stand. Even when the level of service is reduced, there is no guarantee that the TPU will distribute the work any more evenly. Having said that, we have been informed that efforts to allocate work in a fairer manner are taking place. Watch the space, but don't hold your breath!

In the event that you are A/O and your start time is altered and / or your hours are increased by moving to an additional cover turn, please contact the LDC.

Since writing this, a PDF has been provided for you to download here.

We now have the emergency plan showing the level of service the company aim to run WC 30.03.2020 (subject to amendment).

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find attached guidance from The ASLEF EC. Topics include:-
• Driver training and route learning.
• Passing in staff cars (there is a difference between a purpose built vehicle that is fitted with a taxi-meter and a minicab, although our diagrams make no distinction).
• Travelling on the underground.
• Spare Drivers.
• Messrooms and PNB points.
• Medicals, rules and other assessments.

Read me here

Stay safe!

SWR have issued another update on the 23rd of March 2020. You must read it :
Clean here to read the document.

Mark Hopwood (SWR CEO) has added an urgent message based on the current govenment stance. It was also released on the 23rd of March 2020.
Click here to read the Urgent Message.

TfL have announced that from Friday the 20th of March, 40 underground stations will be closed and the Waterloo and City line will be suspended as well as the night tube. Night buses will still run.

Correction : 40 tube stations closed from Thursday the 19th of March, not the 20th as previously stated.

Read the press release here to see if you are affected.

SWR published a Covid 19 brief on Fri the 13th of March 2020. It is in a 'questions and answers' style and well worth a read.
On the 18th of March SWR updated the brief.
Click here to download version 2 of the document.

SWR published a further brief on the 16th of March entitled "Message from Mark". It is a message from the MD Mark Hopwood. The only things that apply to us as drivers in this document are in paragraph 3 (vulnerable people) and 6 (hygiene reminder).
Click here to download the Mark Hopwood update date 16.03.2020.

ASLEF have launched a menopause in the workplace campaign and hope that every TOC and FOC will adopt their policy document in order to protect and support our female collegues.

ASLEF have issued two documents. The first is a circular that explains the reason for their stance, and a second document provides their current policy. Both documents are available to download here.

To download the ASLEF Circular click here

To download the ASLEF menopause policy click here

Bournemouth H&S have advised that with immediate effect the raised walkway in Poole sidings is not to be used due to potentially unsafe walking conditions.

Weather damage and contamination to the non-slip walking boards has created trip and slip hazards, plus there is a need to re-apply the yellow safety markings each side of the walkway which have become hard to see in daylight. Due to frequent lighting outages, the markings become invisible during the hours of darkness.

The sidings remain open, but only where the driver works the same train out that they work in.

Download the Company Council newsletter entitled : SPAD SPECIAL.

The January 2020 driver vacancy list (posted on the 1st of January) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 15th of January.
  2. Successful applicants list to be posted in members area on or after the 29th of January.
  3. Move take place on the 10th of February

The master roster for WEF 15.12.2019 (version2) is now available at the bottom of the rosters page. FTA duties are highlighted in red. *FDs are now shown.

The October 2019 driver vacancy list (posted on the 6th of November) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 20th of November.
  2. Successful applicants list to be posted in members area on or after the 4th of December.

SWR have issued a supplement to our schedule card abbreviations and you can download them here.

To clarify : The above is a full list of codes that TPU use within timings at station stops (13U02 for example). It doesn't alter the work codes like DWRP which are still available here .

The August 2019 driver vacancy list (posted on the 8th of September) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 18th of September.
  2. Successful applicants list to be posted in members area on or after the 2nd of October.
Apologies for the late posting of this Footplate Vacancy list.